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Blackwater Employment: Some Job Positions That Don’t Put You in Outright Danger

With the kind of business that Blackwater has, most people think that every Blackwater employment opportunity involves high level of risk. In the contrary, one can also find job positions that do not put the person in outright danger. The available positions are not always about protecting assets and individuals who hold significant positions in organization-clients of Blackwater. Below are some examples.

Being an administrative and logistics security specialist is one of the Blackwater employment opportunities that do not put you in the front line. You don’t have to hold guns and be prepared for attacks. An administrative and logistics security specialist focuses more on the solutions that Blackwater can provide to its clientele. An applicant should be willing to be relocated outside the United States. Sometimes, the duty location is in high threat countries like Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the administrative and logistics security specialists work daily performing general administrative functions. Some duties and responsibilities include preparation and maintenance of records, preparation of reports and timesheets, coordination of travels and shipments, overseeing security operations, planning of programs, coordinating outbound and inbound communications, and maintenance of equipment. The position could be contractual or full time. The administrative and logistics security specialist can earn up to nearly $400 a day.

The not so dangerous Blackwater employment opportunities also include being a cook. You can be part of an organization that specializes in defense and security without even the experience and skills of those who come from the military. As a cook, you only need to be great in food preparation and serving. However, it cannot be avoided that you will be based in high risk environment. A cook in Blackwater usually needs to be great in preparing and serving foods for a hundred or more individuals. You don’t need advanced driving, combating and shooting skills but you will surely need top notch culinary skills. A proper training is not required but preferred most of the time. It is a rewarding job as a cook can earn $400 to $450 per day.

You can also consider being an armorer if you are looking for Blackwater employment opportunities that don’t involve much danger. Armorers are in great demand for companies like Blackwater. As an armorer, your main job will be to report to the highest officer in the weapons program and maintain. Armorers are usually considered a support staff. They maintain weapons qualifications. They are also the ones who repair the weapons and install technical equipment. They also work on other devices including flashlight, laser, night vision cameras and other optical devices. Most importantly, they are accounted for all the weapons assigned to them. An armorer who works on high threat areas but don’t get to participate in combats can earn $500 or more every day. Some companies including Blackwater even provide bonuses.

Not all Blackwater employment opportunities are high risk jobs. Not all employees work with guns and other weapons. Some of them can be in the logistics, food and support divisions. These Blackwater employment opportunities are less dangerous than being a mobile security officer, field security technician, and explosive detection dog handler but the pay ranges from $400 to $500.